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Natural Gifts and Talents of Threes Enneagram

Natural Gifts and Talents of Threes Enneagram


Natural Gifts and Talents of Threes Enneagram

Natural Gifts and Talents of Threes Enneagram

As a Three, I have some, or all, of these natural gifts and talents that I take for granted:4

1. The ability to believe in myself, think positively and dream BIG!
2. The ability to pull myself up by my own bootstraps
3. The ability to develop myself and my potential to be all I can be
4. The ability to “learn more to earn more.” Threes naturally want to stay on the cutting edge of
breakthrough success technology.
5. The ability to stay focused on my dreams, goals and desires and anticipate good things
happening for me
6. The ability to work hard, persevere and do whatever it takes to succeed
7. The ability to interact well with people interpersonally/socially (I can be very charming)
8. The ability to win friends and influence people (it’s great when I’m running for election,
interviewing or auditioning for a part)
9. The ability to read people well, build rapport, and make friends easily
10. The ability to multitask (example: ride lifecycle, watch news, read newspaper (business
section first?), and network or do business on the cell phone….. at 5:00 am)
11. The ability to initiate, lead and take action to succeed
12. The ability to discipline myself, as necessary, to succeed
13. The ability to focus and concentrate fully when I’m on task
14. The ability to sell, promote and market myself, my services, and my products
15. The ability to motivate, persuade, convince and inspire people

16. The ability to plan and then execute the plan to achieve my lofty goals (I have big dreams!)
17. The ability to positively reframe any setback/disappointment as a great learning experience
18. The ability to juggle many roles and responsibilities in life (in my pursuit of having it all!)
19. The ability to network and make connections (with the goal of helping each other succeed)
20. The ability to identify and capitalize on good ideas and turn them into profit
21. The ability to identify and utilize all available resources at my disposal
22. The ability to perform and play a role well
23. The ability to behave appropriately and diplomatically when out in public
24. The ability to adapt well to sudden changes and shift gears quickly to stay on top of things
25. The ability to work well under pressure


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